Creativity Masterclasses

The Creativity Masterclasses form a component of my Creativity & Innovation course at ALBA Graduate Business School at the American College of Greece. Individuals with a vivid track record of creative achievement are invited to fill the screen of ALBA's auditorium with images of their creative work, and then to take us "behind the scenes" to understand how these creative works have been crafted. Envisioned as a series of intimately personal autobiopics of creativity, the Creativity Masterclasses address such themes as: How one became involved with creative work in the first place; milestones and challenges one has encountered over the years; the role of creativity in one's work; how one's creative process works; how one rejuvenates his or her creative energy over the years; and how one interacts with the audiences of the social domain or/and creativity industry in which his or her work makes a creative contribution. You can view the video of each Masterclass by clicking on the name of speaker. Check the site for new uploads!

2012 Creativity Masterclasses: Elena Troulakis (fashion designer); Dionysis Cabolis (visual artist); Stelios Logothetis (enologist & winemaker); Mary Karatza (interior & industrial designer); Olga Malea (film director).